Brolo Dei Giusti, Amarone della Valpolicella

In northern Italy a ‘Brolo’ is a walled vineyard, similar to a French ‘Clos’. Cantina Valpantena directly farms three Broli which make up a total of 13 hectares. One of them is in the heart of the Valpantena valley while the other two are in Montorio, on the Val
Squaranto side. Stefano Casali, Valpantena’s head agronomist, manages these vineyards. He has been able to reduce the use of
spraying, carefully control water consumption and eliminate the use of weed killers. The knowledge and results that Stefano gains
from these vineyards are then used to advise other Valpantena growers on their viticulture. These efforts have been formally
recognized and the Broli vineyards are accredited with VIVA Sustainable Viticulture certification.

After a fresh start to the growing season in June and July, August and September saw record-breaking temperatures throughout
Italy with the north of the country experiencing the hottest temperatures since 1800. This was accompanied by a severe lack
of rain which resulted in clean, healthy fruit that was concentrated and ripe. In the Veneto, harvest began approximately 7 days
earlier than normal and yields were down 5% on 2010.

This wine is ruby in colour with an intensity that suggest a long – ageing potential. On the note it shows delicate aromas of cocoa
and sweet spices with hints of red berried and dark cherries under spirit. The palate is intense and round with smooth tannins and a
warming sensation that is well balanced with the elegant and intense flavours that carry from the nose. It has a long and
persistent finish.



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Grape Variety:
90% Corvina/Corvinone , 10% Rondinella

Valpolicella, Veneto
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