Simply Seafood

There aren’t many food and wine combinations better than fresh seafood and crisp, unoaked white wine, whether it’s a Chardonnay, Picpoul or Pinot Grigio, these combinations are out of this world. When having the likes of salmon, tuna or trout our go to favourite is a white wine that’s richer in flavour, Viognier is perfect, as it has the requisite weight and power to withstand the stronger flavours. Prosecco or Cava is another personal great match – the yeasty, autolysis characters combine beautifully with creamy flavours they also work well with white-fleshed fish, neither dominates, which allows the delicate flavours of each to shine-….. Posh fish and chips washed down with Champagne cleans the palate ready for to experience that magical taste of salty fish and chips with loads of vinegar all over again, “No cutlery is a Must”.

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